Girly Problems with Long Nails

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Ava adores long nails. They look fantastic on her! On the other hand, such long nails cause a lot of troubles. But who cares?
Watch how Ava copes with all the problems in our new episode
01:26 DRESS UP
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    Thats why you need to cut youre nails

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    You can just push the buttons with the CENTER of you're arm.


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    bitj how can you frikin climb a wall and not break your nails but you *WILL* break your nails by pressing a button??

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    She fuggin moans and squeaks as a way of talking

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    So somebody will kidnap you if you have long nails, good.

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    I literally feel like people are overreacting about having long nails when an avocado has nails and refuses the trim them sets a goal for others to use an elevator like an avocado girl does idk how she can randomly do that and push a button with her nasty feet. She is walking around with no shoes on thats gross what if someone touches her button when she uses it

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